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Scuba Diving

The waters surrounding Northern Cyprus make for some of the best scuba diving in the world. The warm and crystal clear waters, with visibility of typically over 30 metres, attract a variety of marine life such as groupers, moray eel, sting ray, octopus, turtle, cuckoo, wrasse, amber jack, bream and many others. There are reefs caves and wreck sites where you will be able to feed groupers or search for ancient potteries and amphoras. The oldest commercial ship wreck was found a few miles from Kyrenia Harbour (Dated 300 BC) and is now displayed in the castle museum.

Find below links to companies organising Scuba Diving trips:

 Scuba Cyprus can be contacted by telephone:

North Cyprus Office: +90 392 8223430

London Office: +44 (0)208 9865636

Amphora Scuba Diving Centre

 The Amphora Diving Centre is based at the Escape Beach. They can be contacted on Tel: +90 542 851 4924

 Blue Dolphin Scuba Diving Centre

The Blue Dolphin diving centre is  based out of the Jasmin Court hotel. They can be contacted on Tel: +90 392 223 37 64

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