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Introduction To Northern Cyprus

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a holiday destination not effected by excessive commercialisation and over development. The popular tourist trails now stretch the world over and even some of the remotest places can now be easily reached.

Northern Cyprus is unique in that is is relatively close to Europe, but has been overlooked by the tourist industry for many years and is consequently one of the few places in the Mediterranean where day to day life seems to have stood still for the past 30 years. Now with Southern Cyprus a member of the EU and border restrictions between the North and South being relaxed, Northern Cyprus is back on the tourist map. In truth, it had never really gone away, but the wider perception of a 'closed community' meant that it was generally over looked and ignored. A small contingent of tourists from Europe, including many from the UK have in fact been visiting the Northern part of Cyprus for many years and have enjoyed their secret.

Today, visiting Northern Cyprus is a real joy. It brings back memories of Mediterranean holiday destinations before the arrival of large scale commercial tourism and all that entails. In contrast to some of the main coastal towns in the South, Kyrenia, the major tourist destination in the North, is a small peaceful harbour town. Kyrenia has numerous bars and restaurants and a fascinating history as witnessed by the Venetian harbour front buildings, its medieval fort and numerous ancient buildings.

A quote taken from the Sunday Express says it all; "Kyrenia Harbour . . . must be one of the most beautiful sights in the world"

"Northern Cyprus was as good as we'd been told; miles of untainted beaches lapped by clear blue water, superb weather, cheap prices. From the moment we landed... ...we were overwhelmed by hospitality. It was as if we and the Turkish Cypriots were old friends who'd been long parted." Mail on Sunday 'You' Magazine

The Northern coastal strip, fronting the Kyrenia Mountain range has long been famous for the spectacular scenery and the warm, crystal clear water of the sea.

The islands natural beauty, the ideal climate, the warmth of the Turkish Cypriot peoples, the many bars and restaurants make Northern Cyprus the perfect, unspoilt holiday destination. There is virtually no crime and the general feeling is reminiscent of the UK probably some 50 years ago.

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